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Course Mapping Tutorial

To create a new course:

**Make sure you are logged in. Otherwise provide an email address - this will allow you to edit the course at a later time.

1) Choose a location from the list below. This will pull up a list of courses in that location - make sure that your course does not already exist.

2) Fill out the city name and course name. Then click the Find Location on Map button to have our system try to find your course on the map.

3) Drag the map until you find the clubhouse for your course and click on it to set the course location.

4) Choose the number of holes for this course and press the Create New Course button to start mapping your course.

Your course can later be edited from your user home page if necessary. Once you have mapped all holes, your course will be available for download.

If your course has more than 18 holes (27 holes, with nines A, B, and C), create multiple courses (A-B, A-C, B-C) to completely map the course.

Course Name

Number of Holes
Disc Golf
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