Android App Tutorial

GolfShotTracker Pro is developed for Android 2.1 and later phones.

To view help for an area of the app, click on a topic below.

[+] New Round - Start playing a new round

New Round Other Player Names Hole Scoring Save score for other players

From the main screen, press the New Round button to be taken to the New Round Options screen. Select your course and tee, choose the number of holes and the starting hole, select your course handicap and if you wish to score with Stableford points, and then press Start Round.

The GPS box will show you how far to the front, center, and back of each green. If there is an alternate green, the name of the current green will apear below the F - click on it to switch to see distances to the alternate green.

Your score on a hole is made up from Added Shots, Putts, and Tracked Shots.

  • Added Shot - Press the [+] and [-] buttons to add or subtract a shot. Pressing [-] will not remove Putts or Tracked Shots. Net score will show in parentheses().
  • Putts - Press the + and - buttons to add a putt. This will also add(or subtract) a stroke to(from) your score.
  • Points - If this is a Stableford round, points will be calculated for your score and the hole par. Net Points will show in parentheses().
  • Tracked Shot - Shots that have been tracked and saved will add a stroke to your score.

If you chose to keep score for other players, a prompt will show after advancing to the next hole for you to enter their name, handicap, and gender.

Once you are done scoring your round, press your Menu button and then select the End Round option.

Save Shot dialog View Saved Shots

Press the Track Shot button where you hit your shot - the distance will be updated as you move to your ball. Press the End Shot when you have reached your ball to bring up a Save Shot dialog. Adjust the distance if necessary and choose the club you hit the shot with and select other shots options. If you want to track advanced options, select the Direction and Shot Ended.

To view, change, or delete Tracked Shots later, press the Saved Shots button to pull up a list of shots for the hole. Press on the shot you wish to edit or delete and then choose the action from the context menu.

Hole Map Hole Map with point

To view a map of the hole, press the Hole button. This will give you a satellite map view of where you are with the distance to the green. You can zoom in or out by pressing the [+] and [-] buttons or switch to the green view by pressing the Green button. The blue dot indicates your current location and the red dot indicates \ the center of the green. The red ring is 100 yards/meters, the blue ring is 200 yards/meters, and the black ring is 300 yards/meters from you current locatin.

To find the distance to a spot on the hole, simply touch the and drag the cursor to your target spot to get distance to your target and remaining to the center of the green.

Hole features that have been mapped will show up on the screen - the green dot indicates the start of the feature and the red dot indicates the end of the feature.

Hole Feature List

To view the distance to features(Sand, Water, Tree, Marker) on the hole, press the Features button. This will pull up a list of features that are between you and the hole with distances to the start (left column) and end (right column). Press Done to return to the scoring screen.

Green Map Green Map with Point

To view a map of the green, press the Green button. This will give you a satellite map view of to the green. You can zoom in or out by pressing the [+] and [-] buttons or switch to the hole view by pressing the Hole button.

To find the distance to a spot on the green, simply touch the and drag the cursor to your target spot. The markers on the green are the front(red), center(white) and back(blue) green points that were mapped for the hole. The distances on the side of the screen are color coded for these markers.

Scorecard Group Scorecard

To view your scorecard, press the Menu button and then choose the Scorecard option.

If keeping score for other players, press the Menu button and then choose the Group Scorecard option.

[+] Rounds - List of rounds that you've played. View scorecard, edit details, or delete a round.

Rounds screen Context Menu for a Round Edit Round

To view a list of your saved rounds, press the Rounds button from the main screen.

Press one of your rounds to bring up a menu to select:

  • Scorecard - view the round scorecard
  • Group Scorecard - view the group scorecard
  • Email Round - send the round scorecard in an email to yourself
  • View Round - view the round scoring screen to edit/delete/add scoring details.
  • Edit Round Details - Edit the round name, tee, handicap, Stableford, and other player information for the round.

When editing a round, GPS distances will not be available. Deleting a round will remove all stats associated with that round

[+] Courses - List of courses and search for new courses to download.

Course List Course search results Context Menu for a Course

To view the courses on your device, press the Courses button. From this screen, you can search for a course by name, location, or retrieve a list of courses you have mapped or selected on this site.

To search for a course by name, fill in part of the course name in the textbox and then press Search. To search by location, select a location and it will filter by

To search for a course within 25 miles/40 kilometers of you, press the Nearby Courses button.

To retrieve a list of your mapped courses, press Menu and then select My Mapped Courses. You must have entered your username (not email) that you used to register at

To download a course to your device, just click its name on any search results list.

To delete or update a course, press the course and choose the action you want to perform. Searching for and downloading a course you already have, will also update the course information.

[+] Settings and Data Backup

App Main Screen App Preference screen Data Backup

To adjust the app settings, from the Main Screen, press your phone's menu button and select Settings.

Set your gender and distance preferences to make sure you have accurate distance and scoring (par) in the app.

Select the Backup option from the Main Screen menu to import, backup, or restore your golf data. If the app detects that you have a backup file from the Trial version, the Import Trial Data button will be shown - click it to import only the data from your trial app. To Backup your current data, press the Backup button to save your rounds, courses, and shot data to your SD device. To restore data from a previous backup, press the Restore button - this will restore all rounds, courses, clubs and shots.

[+] Clubs

Clubs screen

To view a list of clubs, press the Clubs button from the main screen.

The list shows all clubs stored. The clubs with a checkmark after them are currently in your bag and will be displayed when saving a shot.

To add a club, enter the club name in the textbox and press add.

To edit or delete a club, long press the club and choose the action you want.

You can also reorder the club list by grabbing the icon on the left of the club name and then dropping the club in the new spot.

[+] Stats

Stats screen Club stat round selection Club Distances Round Stats

Select Club Stats to view average distances for your tracked shots. From the Select Rounds screen you can select which rounds to include in calculations as well as the option for including non-round tracked shots. The results will show your average distance for tee shots and for all shots (including tee shots).

Select Round Stats to view overall stats such as number of putts, longest drive, and Fairway and GIR percentages. From the Select Rounds screen you can select which rounds to include in calculations.

Course Stats Club Direction 

[+] Track a Shot

Stats screen

To track a shot while not in a round, select Track a Shot from the main screen. On this screen, you can see a list of all shots for the selected club. Press Start Shot to set your shot start location and press End Shot to set the ending location. To edit a tracked shot press it and select Edit Shot to bring up the edit screen. You can delete tracked shots from this screen, but not shots from a round (you must be editing that round to edit the shot).